About Us

"Apiculture and Pine Honey Application and Research Center", which was established in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and published in the Official Gazette dated 28.04.2013 and numbered 28631, aims to conduct scientific research, examination and studies on beekeeping and pine honey in Turkey and abroad.
The activities of the Center are:
a) To conduct scientific research on beekeeping and pine honey,
b) To make researches on bee breeding and to publish them,
c) To carry out training activities for the training of qualified and qualified staff in beekeeping and pine honey,
d) To contribute to increase the production of high quality pine honey by making studies on pine cotton cassette producing pine honey,
e) To organize courses for beekeeping and pine honey producers, to give certificates, to solve the problems of the producers, to provide consultancy services, to encourage the local people on these issues,
f) To carry out studies on healthy and organic honey production,
g) To contribute to the solution by dealing with all kinds of problems of honey producers,
h) To carry out other activities in accordance with the establishment purpose of the Center.